Schedule of Fees

valid from December 1, 2012

schedule of fees - pdf

Usage of the library is generally free of charge.
In the following cases the library charges fees to cover costs:

  1. Overdue fines
  2. Interlibrary Loan - Import
  3. Document Delivery - Internal
  4. Photocopying/Printing via Uniflow
  5. Damage and Loss

Overdue fine

per book and day € 0,50

This fine is charged for all users without exception.

Interlibrary Loans (Import): Charged costs of the supplying library are passed down to clients.

There are two pay scale groups:

Rate A) members of Montanuniversitaet, members of schools
Rate B) all registered library users

Rate ABookArticle *
from Austria8 Euro7 Euro
from abroad15 - 35 Euro7 - 30 Euro
Rate BBookArticle *
from Austria10 Euro9 Euro
from abroad18 - 35 Euro9 - 30 Euro

*  price can be higher with increased page numbers (more than 20 pages)

Document Delivery - Internal: Staff members of Montanuniversitaet can order copies or scans from holdings of the library.

 article up to 20 pageseach additional page
article (eMail/internal post)2 Euro0,10 Euro


Costs for photocopying/printing via uniflow:

A4-BW0,05 Euro
A4-Colour0,20 Euro
A3-BW0,10 Euro
A3-Colour0,40 Euro

Note: Scanning is free of charge.

In case of damage or loss of any belongings of the library, costs for repair, recovery or compensation of the lost value are charged.