Document delivery - internal

Exclusive for members of Montanuniversitaet

The internal document delivery sends articles from print holdings of Montanuniversitaet (any location within the campus) to requesting scientific staff members of the university. The orderers get the documents through email (pdf) or internal postal service (printed copies).

The internal document delivery does not copy and deliver:

  • complete books
  • complete journal volumes
  • items of the rare-book collection
  • maps 
  • electronic media (e. g. CDs)
  • standards and other documents subject to specific copyright restrictions

Copyright - legal notice

Copies of requested articles are made in accordance with Austrian Copyright Act (§42 UrhG) for personal use and scientific research!
It is forbidden to make the documents publicly available or use them commercially. 

Charged fees

Fees can be found in our schedule of fees.