Loan Service

The usage and borrowing service are free. You need a student id-card or a library id-card for borrowing.

Members of the MUL

Students can use the library with their student card. Student card = user card

University members and students can also use the electronic services of the library outside the university.


To do so, they need to install a VPN access on their private computer and adjust the proxy settings of their browser. Instructions can be found on the webpage of the Central IT Service: ZID-Infrastuktur-VPN-Zugang.

Translated with (free version) ZID-Infrastuktur-VPN-Zugang.

Non-members of the MUL

External users must obtain a user card at the circulation desk of the main library.

Before borrowing for the first time - to set up a user account - you must fill in a master data sheet Stammdatenblatt (pdf). Please bring an official photo ID with you.

If you are under 18, the signature of a parent or guardian is required.


External users can only use the library's electronic services on campus.

loan & renewal

You can administer your user account by a log-in on the main page of the Catalogue.

Regular User; Student; External User

regular loan period 28 days

with an extension, a maximum total loan period of 84 days is possible

Graduate student; PhD student; University Members

regular loan period 84 days

with an extension, a maximum total loan period of 168 days is possible

Please note that

  • due date can also be within holidays
  • email reminder is a voluntary service feature of the library; that means delivery failures do not release you from the overdue fines incurred!
  • overdue notices are hold for delivered, if sent evidently

In any case the due date noted in the Catalogue is mandatory!

In case of delayed returns we charge overdue fines.

Overdue fine

per book and day € 0,50

This fine is charged for all users without exception.